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Meet The Team

"Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard"



Sage Branch

Born 4/3/2020, Ms. Sage Branch was the last push of motivation needed to making NO LABEL a dream come true. Owning 51% of NO LABEL her father leaves her a legacy of helping, building, and uplifting communities all across Virginia. 




Dr. Ralph Branch, III

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Dell B.

Dell Booth, hailing from Nottoway, VA; studied at VCU majored in Health & Exercise Science and received his Bachelors degree is a well-known artist in Almighty Money Gang. Dell made the commitment to join NO LABEL simply to inspire and create change in communities surrounding the education of mental health. Dell is a wizard with the pen and stylish in and out of recording studios; be on the look out for upcoming collections and featured products from this hot artist!

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Trey Lewis



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