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MAN, Listen the Podcast

Welcome to the inaugural episode of MAN, Listen podcast! 🎙️ Join us for a vibrant blend of entertainment, local news, and featured guests. Don't miss this dynamic journey – subscribe now for a dose of laughter, insight, and pure audio excitement!

Episode 1

Welcome to the premiere episode of MAN, Listen podcast on YouTube! Dive into a captivating mix of entertainment, local news, and thought-provoking discussions on events. From intriguing perspectives to lively opinions, this pilot episode is a must-watch! Subscribe now for an engaging journey filled with insights and laughter. Don't miss out on the start of something special!

Episode 2

You thought episode 1 was crazy; just wait until you hear this weeks topics. Episode 2 is filled with laughs, banter, and plenty of hot topics to keep you on the edge of your seat. Everything from Chrisean Rock to Taylor Swift, Nicki versus Meg, and Tyler Perry putting down his dress, you don't want to miss it! Subscribe now for an engaging journey filled with insights and laughter from week to week with your host Ralph and Charles Lee Ray!

Episode 3

Episode 3 picks right back up with the Branch and Chuck talking about Usher, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift (AGAIN), Kanye West, Killer Mike and more. Also, don't miss out segment this week on the Q&A the community provided us throughout the break!

Episode 4

🌪️ Unleashing the Storm: Celeb Drama, R&B Feuds, and Legendary Parenting Wisdom! 🚀✨ Join us on an electrifying journey through the latest celebrity controversies, from Vince McMahon's shocking allegations to Trey Songz's fiery beef with Jacquees. Dive deep into Hollywood's murky waters and witness Ginuwine pushing the limits of control in episode 4 of the Man, Listen Podcast!

Episode 5

Getting close to the end of Season1, but don't worry MAN, LISTEN is not slacking off. Episode 5 is bringing you the latest and greatest conversation surrounding Entertainment, Sports, and Local News to keep your weekend full of laughter.

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