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Professional Training

Professional Training

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NO LABEL professional consultants specialize in training corporate staff in a variety of topics. Training may focus on developing effective communication and presentation skills, relationship building, and community engagement. Consultants could also train or retrain organizational staff on effective leadership styles and management. For instance, a consultant might have to retrain managers in organizations that transition from traditional to flat structures. A traditional structure places more decision-making ability at the top, while a flat structure empowers middle to lower-level employees. Project and time management skills are other possible training specialties along with peer to supervisor relational and or media training.


    Training areas can include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Flexibility
    • Communication Skills
    • Conflict Resolution, Tactfulness, Work Ethic
    • Leadership Skills
    • Organizational Skills
    • Creativity Skills
    • Stress Management

    *Each training session is 2 hours. Sessions can be purchased in packages from 1-5 sessions. 

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