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Market Research

Market Research

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Professional consultants who specialize in marketing determine what products and services consumers need. Organizations hire market research consultants to help improve product development strategies. NO LABEL market research consultants may help identify appropriate pricing and supply chain strategies. One of a market research consultant's responsibilities is analyzing the organization's competition. Competitor and consumer data often comes from secondary sources, such as trade magazines and company web sites. Marketing consultants collect consumer data through primary sources, such as surveys and focus groups.

A market research consultant specializes in developing and recommending strategies to optimize a company's marketing operations. They perform extensive market research and analysis, gather and analyze client feedback, spearhead surveys and studies to determine how the current marketing projects affect the consumers, and develop social media techniques to raise brand awareness and public interest. Using their research findings, a market research consultant develops conclusions and recommendations that adhere to the company's goals. Moreover, there are instances when a market research consultant participates in planning and creating marketing programs and materials.


    Here are examples of responsibilities for a NO LABEL market research consultant representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles:

    • Manage a variety of projects including survey development, analysis of operations, and all data analytics.
    • Deliver the results in interactive PowerPoint presentations and 'leave behind' custom reports.
    • Perform ad-hoc tasks for ongoing projects as contracted, including creation of PowerPoint presentations, data checking, and general quality control.
    • Provide operational analytics support for strategic business initiatives and business process improvement as directed by management.
    • Apply a proven statistical model to obtain a reliable, quantitative measurement of customer satisfactory product/service.
    • Provide written documentation in the form of recommendations, cost analysis, and summative research.
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