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Over the years mental health has played a huge role in my life...positively and negatively. No matter what, I have NEVER and will NEVER give up. My name is Erika Stinnett and this is my story:

If I could describe myself in 3 words DETERMINED, AMBITIOUS, and COMPASSIONATE fit my profile. After completing my Bachelors of Social Work from Radford University in 2017, I knew I couldn't stop. With that said, I continued my education via Aurora University by completing my Master of Social Work in 2019. Since, I have worked in various human service capacities being a local change agent for youth and families.

Today I also want to highlight my ability to persevere. My ability to push forward to achieve has been so important for my life personally and professionally. I want to tell all who really this, no matter the situation, despite the challenges, you can overcome!

Finally, this is a dedication to my inspiration Kaleb (5, Nephew). He has faced tragedy and challenges throughout his young life; many situation the average adult may never encounter. In the midst, he continues to exhibit resilience, continues to be caring and thoughtful, and nothing less than a joyful child.

Let my journey be a light to all; YOU have NO LABEL!

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